Class 8346 Shoe Repair (Patching) Machine

Class 8346 is a universal sewing machine designed for shoe repairs, for use in related fields and for orthopedic applications.

The machine is available in three standard versions. It can be equipped with attachments and special accessories to meet all customer needs.

It is particularly user-friendly thanks to an electronically controlled DC motor drive solution. As the DC motor is mounted onto the sewing machine head, the machine can be operated with or without a sewing stand. An optional rotating support lets you set up the machine on any worktop without difficulty.

A zigzag version extends the range of applications beyond the traditional uses of the machine. The zigzag unit allows the operator to switch from straight to zigzag stitch.

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1. Standard Designs:
  • Class 8346/10 Sewing machine head equipped with small bobbin
  • Class 8346/20 Sewing machine head equipped with medium bobbin
  • Class 8346/30 Sewing machine head equipped with large bobbin
2. Options
  • Class 8346 Detail
  • Type 6225 DC drive unit
  • Sewing machine head equipped with electronic DC drive and zigzag unit
  • Class 8346/20-ZZ-6225
  • Sewing stand for work in seated position 8800
  • Sewing stand for work in standing position 8801
3. Accessories and Atachements:
  • Rotating support
  • Differen types of sewing feet
4. Technical Specifications:
  • Maximum number of stitches per minute 200
  • Maximum stitch length 6.5 mm
  • Maximum sewing thickness 12 mm
  • Length of arm 490 mm
  • Hook: Elastic shuttle
  • Needle system: 81 for Classes 8346/10 and 8346/20 88 for Class 8346/30
  • Type of seam: Double lock stitch
  • Drive: Electronically controlled DC motor 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 120W

Subject to modifications to accommodate technical progress..

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